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  Enabling discovery. Enhancing life.

Whether utilized in diagnostic testing, public health, the military or research, Beacon’s BrightSPOT™ shows boundless potential to enable next generation point-of-care diagnostics, drug discovery, biodefense, food and environmental testing and more.

BrightSPOT can perform literally hundreds of diagnostic tests on a single drop of blood or sample, via a single-use, disposable device that provides qualitative or quantative results in about 10 minutes. Imagine its potential to:

Help ER staff make the right diagnosis — A child comes into the ER with difficulty breathing. Beacon’s BrightSPOT gives doctors the critical information needed to make a quick, life-saving diagnosis on the spot.

Protect soldiers on the battlefield — Soldiers come across a fallen comrade with no obvious signs of trauma. Beacon’s BrightSPOT enables immediate testing for and treatment of bio-warfare agents on the spot.

Speed the discovery of cancer-fighting drugs — Cancer researchers no longer must wait days for test results. Beacon’s BrightSPOT helps identify and develop promising new cancer drugs and therapies on the spot.